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Magnolia Mall                                                 

2701 David McLeod Blvd.                       
Florence, SC 29501                                   


Who Are We?

iFixitAll, where we are independently owned and operated unlike those other guys. At iFixitAll we use nothing but the best quality parts and offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work and products. While the other guys are out there worrying about how they can cut cost down by purchasing cheap screens from eBay and China and making it look like they’re doing a good deed, iFixitAll is competing with their prices and still using the best quality parts available to better serve our customers. 


How We Started

iFixitAll was started by young and inspired entrepreneurs who had a passion for taking things apart and seeing how they work.  At first we were called “iFix,” as years went by and we got older and started realizing that this is what we had a passion for, we changed the company’s name to “iFixitAll” were we wanted to show customers that we weren’t just into fixing things we were into fixing every thing, from computers to phones, to cars and anything else came to mind. As long as you could bring it to us, it was fixable. If we didn’t know how it was done, we would figure it out. There wasn’t anything that could stop us from wanting to learn and fix things. The only way to do that was to open up kiosks in different malls and offer the great quality of customer service as well as outstanding knowledge in products that are out to give our customers the greatest customer experience ever.



Cracked screen got you down?  Blue screen got you blue? Trust us with all of your repair needs. iFiXitAll, WE FIX THAT!

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